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Tips and Tricks on How to Verify Control Loop Stability

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In a design of a modern switch-mode power supplies (SMPS), the designer has to ensure that the converter is operating in its specified values over all circumstances. For example, some of these tests to ensure proper performance are output voltage deviation test, load transient test, output voltage ripple, input voltage ripple, start-up and shutdown sequences. 

Although most of the tests convince the designer to have a proper operation over all circumstances, some of them do not cover all situations. If you are relying on the load transient test method to ensure system stability, you will not cover all operating conditions of the power supply.

Rohde and Schwarz provides an option in their Oscilloscopes to make an investment of an additional device unnecessary, because the oscilloscope is a standard device in the equipment of a power supply designer. This option will be discussed in the following chapters.


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