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Connectors are an essential component in electronic devices, enabling contact between wires, cables, printed circuit boards, and electronic components that facilitate the transmission of power or transfer of data. 

With technological advances accelerating at a rapid rate, the need for reliable connectors is only increasing in importance across a diverse range of sectors. 

Circular connectors in particular provide more flexibility than their rectangular counterparts. Yet there are considerable challenges that need to be overcome to keep up with surging demand. 

This white paper will look at these challenges currently facing the circular connector market in the current electronics space, as well as analyze what the future may hold for these vital components. 

This paper will use Omnetics’ expertise in the circular connector space to provide expert analysis and commentary on the evolving market. Omnetics Connector Corporation is a privately held connector design and manufacturing company formed in 1984 to deliver rugged, reliable interconnect solutions to the most demanding industries, including the military & aerospace, petroleum, space, and medical sectors. 

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